34 Stunning Fall Nail Designs That Are Popular Right Now

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34 Stunning Fall Nails That Are Popular Right Now

Looking for fall nails on fleek? Look no further.

Here is a collection of trendy fall nail designs you could recreate this year. These fall nails’ art and colors will fit perfectly with the seasonal spirit and outfits.

I have gathered 32 beautiful fall nails arts from nail art experts where you could find a classy touch to cute fall nails. You will also find some minimal fall nail design ideas you can try at home!

So beauties, scroll down, pick your own and recreate.

34 Fall Nail Design Ideas to Try This Year

1. Wrapped Frenchie

Green and white fall nails- French nail art

Want to give a twist to your French mani? Try this one.

This fall nail design is chic as well as minimal.

A shade of bottle green with white color goes really well. A thin silver streak accentuates the beautiful green hue. Go for these trendy fall nails if you love the green color.

You can recreate this nail design with just the typical brush of nail polish.  The only tool you need is a nice thin brush for neat silver streaks.

2. Matte Maroon

Maroon fall nails

If you favor simply a fall nail color rather than a nail design, go for this one. A gorgeous matte finish nail color of warm-toned maroon shade has been used for these fall nails.

And the best part is this shade suits almost all skin tones.

3. Soft Nude Nails

Simple fall nails

Are you looking for a delicate color to try on your nails this fall season? It could be the perfect match for you. This nude shade of matte finish is so pretty that you can try it if you want chic yet minimal fall nails.

You could also pick this one if you’re looking for short fall nails.

4. Sweater Nails

Pretty sweater fall nails

Try out this trendy sweater-themed fall nail art which fits perfectly with the fall weather.

A pretty peach shade has been used to make these classy and cute fall sweater nails.

5. Orange Fall Nails

Want to make your fall nails pop? Then give it a go.

A lovely orange shade has been used majorly in this nail design. The little fall leaves portrayed the fall nails beautifully.

If you love to experiment with your nails save this fall nails inspo.

6. Fall Leaves on Sapphire Blue

fall nails ideas

Are you looking for pretty fall nails where you can use your favorite blue shade?

This is the perfect one for you. See how beautifully cool and warm-toned colors have been combined to make these beautiful fall nails.

Also, the leaves on the nails make the nail art ideal for falls.

7. Champagne Gold

Classy and elegant fall nails

It is another neutral-toned fall nail inspo for you, which is effortless as well as elegant. You will also save your bucks as you can recreate this nail art yourself.

Take two colors a beige nail color and a glitter nail color. Make sure both complement each other and are of the same tone. Apply the combo as shown here. And finally, use a gel top finish for that shiny effect.

8. Fall Brown Colors

Fall nails trendy

These classy fall nails are an excellent mix of muted and warm fall nail colors. These French tip fall nails are so effortless that you just need a striper brush to create them.

It’s a good option for you if you’re looking for some brown fall nail inspo.

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9. Gel and Matte Combo Burgundy Fall Nails

Fall nails designs

Love going bold? These square-shaped burgundy fall nails are such a bold color to rock this fall season. You need a gel and a matte nail polish of the same burgundy shade to create this kind of effect on your nails.

And the best part is you don’t need any tools for these trendy fall nails. You can recreate this look with the simple flat brush of your nail paint.

10. Burgundy Themed Cute Florals

Cute floral fall nails

Planning for unusual and fun fall nails this year? Pick this one.

These fall nails are cute, fun, and pretty. And the style is pretty different from a typical French manicure.

Burgundy, mauve, and yellow nail paints are required to make this fall nail design. It would be best if you also have one base nail color and a gel top coat. And the only tool you need is a medium size dotted tool.

11. White Snowflakes on Silver Glitter

Pretty fall nails

It is one of the prettiest and most elegant fall nail art, as far as you’ve seen! The silver glitters, and white snowflakes combo has made this nail design so beautiful and aesthetic.

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 12. Double French Tip Fall Nails

Fall nails inspo

French nail designs with colors are quite popular these days. These nails using buff and white shades suit well with the fall season.

You can try out this nail design on almond nails as well as square-shaped nails.

13. Light and Dark Orange

Orange fall nails

It is a very unique nail art you can pick if you want to try orange fall nails.

A light and a medium shade of orange color have been used to make this pretty nail design. Though this fall nail design is simple and minimal, it gives a classy finish.

14. Earthy Color Palette Frenchies

Fall French tip nails

A stunning earthy color palette has been used to make these trendy colored French tips nails.

It will be the perfect pick for anyone who is looking for brown nails to try this fall season.

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15. Copper Foil

Fall color nails

What about these copper foil nails?

I loved them at a glance. The nail design is very unique and perfect for fall vibes.

16. Go Brown

Monochromatic fall nails ideas

Make your brown fall nails one step ahead with this classy monochromatic fall nail look. There are five shades in the palette which has made these brown-themed nails so dramatic.

17. Fall-Themed Checkerboard Nails

Fall themed nails

It is a pumpkin-themed fall nail idea that gives a fun and trendy look. The two colors of this nail art are pumpkin and wheat shades.

Chose this one without a doubt if you love cute and fun nails.

18. Classy Animal Print

Classy fall nails

If you are obsessed with animal prints then you are going to love this one. This fall nail look is so unique and classy that anyone falls in love with it!

19. Heartful Cute Fall Nails

Cute fall nails

Searching for cute fall nail ideas? Try this one.

The colorful tiny hearts on ivory nail color look so cute and pretty that you can go for this fall season.

20. Coffin Fall Nails

Fall coffin nails

Here are coffin fall nails inspo for you with the unique French look. If you love the neutral tone and muted colors you could try this one.

Different nude color shades have made the whole look so attractive.

21. Matte Forest Green With Flowers

Green fall nails

Green is another earthy tone you may use for your fall nail art. A matte nail paint of beautiful bottle green shade has been used majorly to create this look.

And the tiny white flowers have made these fall nails look cute as well.

22. Golden Heart

Fall ombre nails

This nail art will be the ideal one for you if you are a minimalist.

A pink-toned natural nail color has been used overall. And the golden heart on the top of the ring fingernail has made the nail design so aesthetic and classy.

23. Fall Leaves Nails Inspo

Fall inspired ombre nails

This nail art is based on the fall leaves theme.

The color combination is different than the usual shades you see in fall nail designs. The deer on the ring fingernail also makes this nail design cute and adorable.

24. Abstract And French Combo

Fall nails designs

Here the twist is both abstract and French nail designs are present in this fall nail art. And that makes this fall nail design quirky and fun.

If you love experimenting with your nails and looking for brown fall nail inspo, you must try these sets. 

25. Matte Camouflage Marble Nails

Pretty fall nails

This earthy-toned marble nail art with a matte finish is so stunning that anyone will get obsessed with it. The palette of this nail look is so well-chosen that it gives a very classy and fun look. 

26. Colorful Leaves

Fall color nails

The colorful subtle leaves on nails are minimal yet chic fall nails that you can go for. 

27. Handdrawn Art

Green fall nails

The primary color of this fall nail art is the fern shade. And the hand-drawn leaves have made the whole look aesthetic and fall perfect.

28. Fall Theme

Fall nails inspo

It is one of the trendy fall nail arts that uses a flawless combination of the major fall colors. The little fall leaf and thin checkered style make this design look so unique.

29. Neutral-Toned Abstract French Fall Nails

Fall color nails

Colorful French nails have always won hearts. But this nail look is a tad bit different.

Here colors have been used on the top of nails in a very dramatic way. Also, the shades used here have made this nail design perfect for the fall season! 

30. Go Mauve

Simple fall nails

If you are looking for short nail inspo for the fall season, save this one. The primary color used here is a lovely mauve shade.

And the dark green leaves on a very light pink have added aestheticism to the whole design.

31. Cute Pumpkin-Themed Fall Nails

Orange fall nails

Here is another pumpkin-themed fall nail inspo for you. If you are thinking of trying fun and cute fall nails you can go for this one without hesitation.

The small pumpkins have made the whole nail look so cute. At the same time, the checkerboard pattern and the double French tips make this look fun and quirky.

32. Gel And Matte Combo Fall Nude Nails

Fall nails trendy

Are you biased for nude shades a tad bit? Pick this one.

You need nail paints of gel and matte finishes of the same nude shade to create this simple yet stunning fall nail art.

33. Matte Green With Subtle Leaves

Matte green fall nails

Green is another popular fall nail color that you can go for.

If you are looking for trendy green fall nails save this one. The nail design is so elegant and pretty.

34. Ombre Fall Nails

Ombre fall nails

It is a fall ombre nail art to try this season. The foils are so beautifully pressed to give the fall leaves effect.

Final Thoughts on Fall Nail Ideas

“The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails.” — Tammy Taylor

We, girls love to decorate our nails. Good nail art boosts our mood instantly. Isn’t it?

So here you got my top picks of trendy fall nails that you can try this fall season. Pick your favorite and flaunt it.

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