How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Summer?-13 Best Skincare Tips

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Make Your Skin Shine, Girl!

How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Summer?-13 Best Skincare Tips

Summer is one of the seasons when skincare becomes most challenging.

As our skin becomes messier on hot days. On those soggy days, we get totally confused about what to apply and what to not.

So here we’re discussing some simple steps of how you can take care of your skin during summer. And can make your skin clean, moisturized, and bright.

Let’s dive in!

Best Skincare Tips To Follow In Your Summer Skincare Regime

Hydration Is The Key For Good Skin

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

Staying hydrated is super important all time. In summer, you’ve to be careful about it more.

Proper hydration makes your skin clear, maintains skin elasticity, keeps your skin moisturized, and what not (1)!

It is probably one of the easiest things you can do to your skin.

And the cheapest way is to consume more water.

But you can do more to stay hydrated properly.

Add more watery fruits (e.g. watermelon, oranges, pineapple, etc) and veggies (e.g. cucumber, tomato etc.) to your diet.

Sunscreen Is A Must

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

In summer days our skin gets more exposure to sun rays. And it is absolutely important to protect your skin from those scorching sun rays.

Do you know sun exposure makes your skin more prone to skin cancer melanoma?

Direct sun exposure may also cause skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, sunburn, and inflammation.

So you never skip sunscreen in your daytime skincare routine. Sunscreen includes active ingredients that help prevent the sun’s UV radiation from reaching the sun (2).

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You should also apply it when you’re indoors. Why?

Because enough sunlight reaches our skin through our windows.

Now which sunscreen does the best job for your skin?

Look for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher (3), broad-spectrum (which protects against both UV A & UV B rays), and water-resistant up to 40 minutes (buy Wow matte finish sunscreen here).

Ideally, you’ve to reapply sunscreen every two years when you’re outdoors or when your sunscreen is swept off by water. So you can have a sunscreen spray (buy here) in your purse for quick application.

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

Exfoliation is super important to get visibly bright and smooth skin.

Did you know that our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells every 28-40 days, on average?

So if exfoliation is not done the dead skin cells will accumulate on the skin and your skin will look dull and pale.

But remember don’t exfoliate daily. As that might make your skin irritated.

So do it only once or twice a week.

Check out this super simple coffee scrub below that you can make at home.

Switch To Lightweight Products

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

Switch to lightweight products in the summertime just like your dresses.

Now, what are lightweight products?

Look for products that are hydrating without a rich formula.

The base of these products is water instead of oil.

So your skin will feel light and moisturized. That’s what we want in summer.

Use A Dual-Purpose Product

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

On those scorching sunny days, it’s suggested to avoid layering products.

Instead, use a moisturizer with broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher. So it can serve in both ways-moisturizer and sunscreen.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen helps to protect your skin from the sun’s UVA (aging) rays and UVB (burning) rays. And that helps to prevent things like skin cancer, early skin aging (premature age spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin) and sunburn.

Observe What You Eat

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

What you eat reflects outside.

So choose healthily.

Add seasonal fruit and veggies to your diet plan and consume in a healthy way.

Cleanse Regularly

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

In summer our skin becomes more prone to be dirty because of sweat and pollution.

So it is important that you cleanse your skin properly.

And always use a gentle cleanser (buy Pears gentle cleanser here) which is soap-free) so that your skin doesn’t feel dry and flaky.

You may also use a gentle cleanser cum exfoliator that helps to make your skin moisturized and dirt free (buy Dove exfoliating cleanser here).

Don’t Stop Moisturizing Totally

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

Many totally skip moisturization in their daily summer skincare regime.

As they think their skin is already moisturized on sweaty days.

But the fact is if you totally skip the moisturizer your skin is open to the outside environment. And it becomes more dry, dull and damaged.

As the result, your skin becomes oily, dirty and prone to breakouts.

So what should you do?

Apply a layer of water-based/ gel moisturizers (buy Pond’s lightweight gel moisturizer here).

If your skin is oily or acneprone then simply use rose water spray (buy one here) on those sweaty summer days.

Use A Toner

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

Using a toner can help you to remove excess oil and grime, which is a big challenge on summer days.

Thus using a toner can make your skin feel fresh. And reduces the probability of breakouts.

Carry A Water Bottle Always

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

Carrying a water bottle outside is important as you supply yourself a hydration source constantly.

Go For Minimal Makeover

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

For those sweaty summer days try to go for minimal makeup.

Also, you’ve to keep in mind that your makeup products are smudge-proof, lightweight, non-comedogenic (Which doesn’t clog skin pores) and water-resistant.

Otherwise, your makeover will look clumsy.

Add Serum In Night Skincare

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

There is no doubt that serums work wonders for the skin. As they contain more active ingredients than other skincare staples.

Our skin gets time to repair itself when we sleep just like our body.

So help it to repair fast and effectively by adding some nourishing products in your nighttime summer skincare (4) routine.

Though you’ll get plenty of face serum options according to your needs in the market. But dermatologists suggest using vitamin C serum on summer nights as that suits most of the skin types (buy Garnier vitamin C face serum here).

Add Sun Protective Dress And Accessories To Your Daily Dress Code

Best Summer Skincare Tips & Tricks

And lastly, we’re talking about summer essential dress codes.

Here are some quick tips that you can go for.

Wear bright color clothes instead of light ones.

Though it may sound somewhat peculiar to choose bright colors over lighter ones they are more skin defenders.

As bright colors give your skin more protection from UV rays. And harmful UV rays get a lesser chance to get to your skin.

So brighter the color greater is the sun protection (5).

Also, use a wide-brimmed hat, UV-protected sunglasses, and umbrella.

Final Thoughts: Best Summer Skincare Tips And Tricks

So these are some simple steps that you can follow in your summer skincare routine.

These will help you to make your skin soft, and brighter as well as make you enjoy summer.

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